The Forty-Third Floor, also known as the Floor of Death, is an important point in the Tower. It's known as a dangerous and lawless place and is also a haven for enemies of the government. On this Floor the Irregular Enryu killed the Guardian of the Floor.


The 43rd Floor is unique for numerous reasons:

  • Enryu killed the Guardian of this Floor.
  • As there is no Guardian, anyone can manipulate Shinsoo without a contract. However, Shinsoo is very weak on this Floor.[1]
  • Regulars do not take a test here; rather they skip it by travelling down the "middle road".
  • There is no Ruler on this Floor since Rulers cannot rule without a Guardian.
  • D-rank Regulars can access this Floor if they successfully travel on the Hell Express taken from the 35th Floor. It is a special test that enables Regulars to quickly travel to the 43rd Floor. However, due to its extreme difficulty, not many Regulars survive until the end.

Because Regulars do not take tests here, they proceed to the next Floor using the road in the Middle Area. It is also stated Garam Zahard is hiding here[2], which leads one to believe that if someone were to commit illegal activities on this Floor it would largely go unnoticed.

Known ResidentsEdit

  • Anak Zahard claims that she used to live here[2] in order to hide from the Zahard Empire who was trying to kill her.
  • Anak also claims that during the time she lived here, she met Garam Zahard[2].


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